This is an Incredible story of Great Warrior Maharana Pratap & his Beloved Horse Chetak

The Start

It is Said that, A Man who was Charan by Caste,Bring Two Young Stallions to Gift Maharana of Chittod, Udai Singh who was father of Pratap.

Pratap was just a young child then. The king asked the Charan, what was so Unique about these horses. The Charan said that the father of these two horses was extremely powerful and could go miles before tiring and was a very intelligent war horse of him.The mother of these two horses was an exceptional mare of extraordinary strength. They gave birth to these two bright studs. The name of these young fouls were “Ketak” and “Chetak”. Ketak was completely black and Chetak was completely white in colour.

Chetak was a White Stallion
Ketak was a Black Stallion

Ketak was one year older than Chetak. Some say they were twins which is very rare in horses. Since these were exceptional from looks and strength he wanted to gift the studs to the king for better training and usage.

Maharana Udai Singh then asked the Charan to demonstrate their strength. Ketak was chosen for experiment.A very weird method was applied.

Ketak was buried to ground till his knees. And then was tapped to run. The horse was so powerful that it sprung into the air at once and started running with lightening speed. Nobody had expected this. Soon the men on their horses started chasing him. The horse kept running miles and miles and many chasing horses were soon breathless.

Ketak, who was young, wild, immature and untrained. After running fiercely for approx. 50 miles, it died. When everything calmed down people noticed that there were hoofs of Ketak where he was kept. When it sprung into the air it lost all of its hoofs and started running without them and eventually died due to bleeding. Everyone was shocked and sad. It’s not clear why this method was applied to test his strength. Anyway, the Maharana then asked the Charan what he could do for him in return. The Charan asked for guardianship of his son at the royal house and training along with the Prince as he was always on tour. This wish was granted.The Charan’s son later became the principal bodyguard of Maharana Pratap. Maharana kept the Chetak and gave it to young Pratap.


From Here Starts, Story of Chetak and Maharana Pratap.

Maharana & Chetak Fought Countless Battles & in all Battles Chetak never leave his master’s side. Chetak was so Popular at that time, that Mughals wanted Chetak in their Army. In Doing so, They try to steal & tame Chetak Countless times but he was so fond of maharana pratap, he never leave his side.

One time, when maharana & chetak were fighting in a war maharana with help of chetak given a hard blow to a mughal warrior, the blow was so hard that the sword not only cut through the soldiers body but his horse from upside down.

maharana cut a mughal soldier & his horse Upside down

Death of Chetak

Once Chetak attacked a drunken elephant in battle of Haldighati & saved Pratap’s life by carrying him away from the battle field. In This attack on elephant, it got wounded by the sword which was attached to Tusker’s trunk. Despite of continuous bleeding it not only ran for miles carrying Pratap on its back but also leaped a running water stream before dying. This all despite of having only three legs functional. Immediately after that jump Chetak died due to enormous fatigue which it had due to fighting for hours and also due to bleeding from his wounded leg. A cenotaph was made where Chetak died and can be seen even today.

Even to this day Pratap and his horse Chetak are sung in the folklores of Rajasthan.

“O leele ghore ra aswaar

In entire India you will never find Pratap’s statue without Chetak. Pratap is inseparable from Chetak.

They became legends for their capability to struggle against all odds.

Maharana Pratap was Born on On 9 May, 1540 CE to Maharana Udai Singh II of Mewar (r.1537-72) & Jaiwanta Bai (Jaiwanti Kanwar), daughter of Pali’s Songara Chauhan Akheraj and granddaughter of Rao Randhir Songara. His Birthplace was the Fort of Kumbhalgarh. Pratap proved to be very lucky for his father. Maharana Udai Singh defeated Banbir with the help of his loyal soldiers and established his rule over the entire territory of Mewar with Chittorgarh as his capital.

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