Before going into the symptoms of Black Magic, let’s understand why do people opt for it and who is the person who helps into the matter? Those who want to get their work done by any means do not hesitate in meeting a person who is capable of making the evil souls ready for them to work.

The person is called ‘Tantrik’ and he has already controlled the evil souls forcefully. When clients approach to seek help from the Tantrik, he invites the soul on a specific duration. He performs certain rituals. He wants something related to the person being on whom the black magic has to be performed. It could be a cloth that the person wears, his hair, teeth. Anything that is being in touch with the body will also do. It is essential that the black magic ritual is kept secret and not discussed with anybody. The complete secrecy has to be maintained for the success of black magic. It is Really scary, some people think this is Real too.

Here are some of the symptoms of person who is a victim of Black magic,according to Tantriks…

What are the symptoms of Black Magic?

If you suspect that someone in your family is the victim of Black Magic, then you need to meet a specialist who can understand the severity of it and performs preventive measures.

Black magic may be performed with the intention of making the person seriously ill (at times, it is performed to kill a person also). It may make the person insane. He may lose interest in life. Here are a few symptoms of identifying the trouble of black magic. Remember, the symptoms may differ from person to person. One need to be vigilant and observant to find out the presence of it.

• The person wants to stay alone. He likes isolation. He doesn’t want to mix with others.

• The victim is in the troubled mental state always.

• His nails turn into black.

• The victim has constant pain in the neck. Sometimes, he feels a constant headache that doesn’t go away even after taking strong painkillers.

• The person hates to take a bath.

• He will feel unknown scents and smells.

• The person talks to himself. He doesn’t feel like eating.

• Sometimes, he will bite his nails and behave strangely.

• If there are sacred plants in the home, they burn all of a sudden.

These symptoms indicate that someone has done black magic. You need to talk to some expert for the remedial actions. It is important to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

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