Here are some inspirational reads that will help your business by fueling your personal growth as well.7 Books EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Read

(1) Thank & Grow Rich, by Pam Grout-

Awesome Law Of Attraction type theories and experiments. This can be your Life Changing book to be honest. I read it Last month & the Impact this book has created on me is just amazing. The Way Pam has described money making, it is a must read.

(2) Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins-

this might be one of the Best motivational book I have ever read. Tony helps you in ALL parts of your life with his empathetic words:) You should Read to find out why it’s best Motivational Book Out there.

(3) S.E.O. Fitness Workbook, by Jason McDonald-

This man has YEARS of experience with SEO and can successfully teach you how to do it yourself, This is by far the best SEO guide you can Read, if you want to do something Great in this Field.

(4) Social Media Marketing Workbook, by Jason McDonald-

Two books by same Author on this List, but these two books are worth it. The way Digital marketing is explained in both books is just awesome & you must Read to get the most in Digital marketing world.In this workbook Jason gives his review and uncovers many tools everyday bloggers would not know about to help with every aspect of social media domination.

(5) Tools Of Titans, by Tim Ferriss-

I love this man. In this book he has interviewed the most successful folks in the world and asked them what they do in their day. He looks for similarities between people that consider themselves successful to see if there are things we can do to improve our mindsets. Awesome read, and yes it is long, but you can take little nibbles here and there and get the full benefit.

(6) You are a BADASS at MAKING MONEY, by Jen Sincero-

I really like this book because she dives into the idea that are mindset is everything when it comes to finances. She offers comfort and support for changing your financial situation, and squashes the idea that you have to “have money to make money”.

(7) The Four Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferriss-

This is my Favorite book on this List. Another awesome read by Tim Ferris. This one is hard to put down and is a great motivator to make whatever your passion is the main source of income in your life. I hope you will Read this book for the Betterment of your Life & lead a stress free Life.

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