Well Rivers are a pretty Important part of our Ecosystem, but some Rivers are more than just Lifelines. Enjoy our List for these Breathtaking Beauties.

(12) Nile River

Nile River

Nile River is the Lifeline for more than 11 Countries that it passes through, & also the Longest River in the world with a tremendous 4160 miles (6695 km). Nile river is the source of Egyptian civilization. But This mighty River is also Famous for its Beauty.

(11) Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Well Mississippi River is the Second Longest River on the North American Continent with 2320 miles (3730 km). This River comprises of all the Scenic beauties Along the way.The Deepest part of Mississippi River is in New Orleans where it is 61 meter deep (200 Feet).

(10) Hanalei River (Hawaii)

Hanalei River

Hawaii is known for its Rich Natural Resources & Beauty, & this River Surely adds a lot to it. This Beautiful River is not very Long at just 25.3 km but it provides habitat to lot of Animals. Hanalei River is Decorated on the banks by beautiful Landscapes by the nature itself which adds to it scenic Beauty.

(9) Yangtze River (China)

yangtze River

Yangtze River is the Third Largest River in the World & also Mighty in Length that is About 6300 Km. This River has Several Bends along the way with Beautiful Hillls in sight that makes it Pleasure to the Eyes. The Beauty of this River is Mesmerizing all the way.

(8) The Gros Ventre River (USA)

Gros Ventre River

At About Just 120 KM Long it is not the Longest River for Sure but this Beauty, holds a lot for your Eyes. The River is Best Known among the Fishing Communities for Trout Fishing. Beautiful Sceneries along the River Length is a Part of its Natural Wealth.

(7) Douro River (Portugal)

Douro River

Present in the North-Central Parts of Spain. This Beautiful River is Known not Just for its crystal clear water but also for the sceneries it surrounds. It just Looks Like a Perfect Landscapre wallpaper. The best way to Enjoy the beauty of this River is by Cruise.

(6) Fataleufu River (Argentina)

Fataleufu River

Flowing the South American Regions of Chile & argentina. This River is the Home to a Beutiful Landscape with Greeneries in Sight. This river is also Famous for its water sports & serves as Adventurous site for Adventure seekers.

(5) Tsangpo River (China,India,Bangladesh)

Tsangpo River

Tsangpo River is Uppermost Current of the Mighty Brahmaputra River. It Originates at Angsi Glacier Southeast of Mount Kailash. Surrounded by Beautiful Mountains it surely gives a Pleasure to the eyes. But to Experience the Beauty of this River you have to Travel to the Greater height of Tibet but Believe me its Worth it.

(4) The Soca River (Slovenia)

Soca Riber

Soca River Originates in the Northern Parts of Slovenia & meets Adriatic Sea in the end. This Beautiful River Forms a Natural Border Between Austro Hungarian Empire & Italy. This River was Used as an Obstacle in World war I. The white Current Streams in Perfect Blue waters looks too Good to be Real.

(3) Hudson River (USA)

Hudson River

Well a Third Entry from USA in to our Most Beautiful rivers List. This River is Indeed the Most Beautiful River in America.With Beautiful Viewing Angles & Sceneries there is a lot this River can offer to your Eyes. This River was Named After Englishman Henry Hudson who Explored it in 1609.

(2) The Verdon River (France)

Verdon River

This river is Piercing Between Trois Eveches Mountains. This River is one of the most Gorgeous Rivers in the world. At About 166 Km Long, This Mesmerizing Beauty is Famous for its Canyons & Referred as the Grand Canyon of Verdon. The water looks Perfectly Blue.

(1) Cano Cristales River (North Colombia)

cano cristales

And the Title for the most Beautiful Rivers in the world Goes to Cano Cristales River that Flows in North Columbia. This river is Absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful & also Named as the Liquid Rainbow. The Red Algae on the River Bed adds a beautiful touch to its beauty & the water is Crystal Clear Too.

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