(1) Keep Calm

There is nothing in the Entire Universe more Calmer Than the Mahadev (Lord of Lords) & yet so Destructive when someone Provokes. Shiva is so calm Because he is a Practicing yogi, sometimes called Adiyogi (the first yogi). So, This is one huge life lesson we can take from Lord Shiva.

(2) Be Ego-free

He is the Supreme Godhead, yet he is free from Ego. He lives life of a Ascetic & lives in one of the coldest Region Mount Kailash. He doesnt do flashy things, & known for his simple attire. Lord Shiva Carried Trishul to Keep his ego in Check.

(3) Self- Control is the Key

Lord Shiva Practiced self control & that is a quality that makes a Human extraordinary. This is a Quality that is so rare in today’s Times, But we all should try to practice this wonderful quality. we are always running after Materialistic Illusions such as Lust,Greed e.t.c.

(4) Keep Your Anger in Check

Although shiva is known as the Destroyer, but yet he always try to keep his anger in check so that he never hurt anyone by his massive powers.Similarly we humans should also keep our Anger in check as Anger can create more problems for us than solutions, Because Anger led us to Resentment when we react without Thinking. So, Practice calm & keep your Anger in Check.

(5) Passionate Lover

When you Look back at Ancient Indian Texts you can see how much of a Passionate Lover shiva is. When His wife sati jumped into fire because her father disrespected her husband, shiva came & chop daksha’s (Sati’s father) Head & then carry sati’s body across different part of the world with full of Grief, Anger & Pain.

(6) Never Obssess with Anything

Shiva is never obessed with anything,because he known being obsessed over something is the main Reason for a Person’s Downfall.

(7) Your Biggest weapon is your Mind

yes, not your muscles or power But your Mind is your Biggest Weapon. A person with a calm & composed mind can Achieve things that are so hard even to imagine by some. so keep your Mind Healthy & calm, & one way to do so is by Meditation.

(8) Material Success is not Happiness

This is I think the biggest Problem of Today’s Generation. People think more cars, more bank balance, more girlfriends creates happiness but no True Happiness Lies in Essential ism. So, Start Paying Gratitude whatever you are in Life & stop comparing your lives to others.

(9) Respect Everyone

Respect each & every Fellow human being because in shiva’s eyes there is no difference between two human beings. Don’t Ever Feel Superior or Inferior to Anyone & Respect every Human Being, Even the Animals deserves some respect & Love.

(10) Nothing Lasts Forever

You know why shiva smear ash on his body, Because that Depicts the Temporariness of this body. One day its all going to end, hence don’t think too highly of your Beauty & the cars you just purchased.

Thanks a Lot for reading, you want to give some suggestions or want to constructive criticize what i have written you are always most welcome.

Have a Good Day 🙂

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